Maloelap – Marshall Islands

Maloelap in the Marshall Islands is rapidly becoming one of the most popular destinations for vacationers and tourists. For first time visitors, the place will certainly entice.


This coral atoll is 11 miles (18 km) to the north of Aur atoll. This coral atoll is made up of 71 islands in the Pacific Ocean. It makes up a legislative district of the Ratak Chain.

What to See

The place is best known as a scuba diving destination. The waters are clear, pure and brimming with marine life and colorful fish. The 3.8 sq mi (9.8 sq km) land has a lagoon measuring 375 sq mi (972 sq km).

The islands are also known as a wreck diving site. During World War II, a US warplane was shot down and fell into the sea, about 115 feet deep. The surrounding area is also filled with many 150mm guns and 127mm auto anti aircraft guns around the area of Maloelap in the Marshall Islands.


In 1884, the whole Marshall Islands were claimed by the Empire of Germany. The Germans set up a post for trading. The end of World War I saw the island coming under the control of the South Pacific Mandate of the Empire of Japan. In 1939, the Japanese created a base for its sea planes.

Several buildings and facilities were added as well. A radar station was also constructed. Anti-aircraft guns and artillery were added. In 1942, this island was attacked by the US. The bombings intensified as the war came to a close.

Today, the remains of these World War II wreckages can be seen on the islands. After World War II, the territory came under US management. In 1986, independence was granted to the islands. This atoll is one of the first to ratify the islands newly established constitution.


The cost of trips Marshall Islands vary. If you are coming in from abroad, remember that the visa costs 25 USD.

Other Info

There are also several bomb proof shelters, observation posts and bunkers. There is a Japanese transport ship in the lagoon. It is possible to go scuba diving here. Even today, the hull is still in good condition. However, you will still see the parts where the bombs struck it.

The Maloelap in the Marshall Islands is not that big, so you can get around the island by foot. Thanks to its growing popularity, more and more people are coming to the island.