Mamanuca Island Cruise – Fiji

Going on a Mamanuca Island cruise is a great way to explore the various islands around Fiji. The popularity of these cruises can be seen by the number of companies offering it.


The islands are situated to the south of Yasawa Islands and the west of Nadi. There are 20 islands. During the high tide, seven of the islands are covered by the Pacific Ocean waters. If coming from Nadi International Airport, you can board a helicopter to any of the islands. A float plane can also take you there.

What to See

The islands have several attractions and activities. Malolo is the central point of tourism. It has served as a location for several feature films. Some of the most popular activities are boating, snorkeling and sightseeing.

Beachcomber Island is just forty five minutes from Denarau Marina. Activities include coral viewing in a glass bottom boat. You can also learn Fijian craft and feed turtles.

Those on a Mamanuca Island cruise can also just relax. You can sip a cocktail while watching the glorious views. The cruises usually take a few hours to reach a specific destination. However they are filled with amenities. Food and drinks are widely available.


Each island has unique characteristics. Beachcomber is located in a marine sanctuary and noted for its lush greens. Eori island is a private island situated on the northwest of the islands. It spans an area 9.7 hectares (24 acres). Malolo was one of the islands the United States Exploring Expedition embarked on in 1840.


It depends on what type of cruise service you get. Some will charge 80 USD for adults. Children and senior citizens are often entitled to discounts. The quality of service will affect the price too. Half day cruises will entail lower expenses.

Other Info

Watersports are very popular on the islands. Wake boarding, surfing and water skiing are just some of the activities you can do. Fishing, scuba diving, wind surfing and parasailing are also very popular.

Do not forget to try some of the local delicacies. Kokoda is comprised of raw fish marinated in coconut milk and lemon juice. Rourou soup is creamy and tasty. Some tropical fruits you can try out are the pawpaw, mango and papaya. These are usually available in the cruise.

It is possible to book a Mamanuca Island cruise on the Net. There are competing services, so you should compare prices first.