Mantasoa in Antananarivo – Madagascar

Mantasoa is a town in the Manjakandriana District, several kilometers off Antananarivo city. It is famous for its man-made lake.


Mantasoa in Antananarivo – Madagascar is situated about seventy kilometers off the northeastern section of the country’s capital city of Antananarivo.

Getting There

Mantasoa in Antananarivo – Madagascar can be easily reached via highway Nº2. You can take a taxi from the Antananarivo city center and ask to be driven to Mantasoa.

Mantasoa is also served by a small domestic airport so you can likewise fly in. Make sure to check first about flight schedules as these may vary depending on the season.

What to See and Do

Mantasoa in Antananarivo – Madagascar is a picturesque town that provides travelers with an idyllic type of holiday destination. Lake Mantasoa, surrounded by hills and lush vegetation offers a tranquil setting for those looking to get away from the chaos of city life.

During the months of April thru December, you can hear the cicadas from dusk until the late hours of the evening, making communing with nature even more enjoyable.

There are also other places to visit in town.

You can drop by the industrial town which is situated close to the lake. While most of the town is now underwater, the remaining ruins give you a glimpse of this once thriving industrial city.

The house of Jean Laborde, founder of the industrial city, and his tomb are still intact and can be visited as well.

Brief History

Mantasoa in Antananarivo – Madagascar is a relatively small town with only about ten thousand or so inhabitants. Farming is the main means of livelihood for the locals while raising livestock is also undertaken by a few people, only about 5% of the total number of inhabitants.

The man-made lake is the result of a dam that was built some time in the year 1937. The industrial city on the other hand, was established by one Jean Laborde under the orders of Queen Ranavalona I.

She one had a royal residence right in the middle of the city but today, no traces of this royal residence are still visible.

The main industry for the city at its peak was the manufacturing of weapons since the place was a good source of iron. Production of the weapons was in response to the need of the monarchy for their own supply of arms.


Accommodations around Mantasoa in Antananarivo – Madagascar cost about 20 to 32 Euros for a Double Room and around 36 to 44 Euros for a Family Room.

Other Information

When visiting Mantasoa in Antananarivo – Madagascar, it is recommended that travelers get their own supply of bottled water as there is no tap water within Antananarivo.