Marlborough Fine Arts Gallery – Monaco

Marlborough Fine Arts Gallery – Monaco is part of the Marlborough Gallery chain of galleries which are located in several countries across the globe. This is the only gallery in Monaco dedicated to the arts.


You can find Marlborough Fine Arts Gallery – Monaco at No. 4 Quai Antoine 1er in Monte Carlo.

Getting There

The easiest way to fly in is via the airport in Nice Côte-D’Azur. From here, you can either take a bus to reach Monte Carlo or take a taxi.

A more luxurious albeit more expensive transport into Monte Carlo is via a helicopter ride.

Another option is to take a train from France or Italy.

What to See

Visiting Marlborough Fine Arts Gallery – Monaco, you will see various exhibits of a wide assortment of masterpieces from contemporary as well as post-World War II artists.

The exhibits may change from time to time which means that when you come visit again, you will most likely see new displays of various works by local as well as foreign artists.

Among these works of arts include sculptures, drawings or sketches, graphic works, jewelries, potteries and paintings.

Catalogues of current and past exhibits are available at the gallery.

Brief History

Marlborough Fine Arts Gallery – Monaco officially opened its doors to the public on the 28th of June in the year 2000. It is managed by Cristina Grasso.

Marlborough Gallery was started by Harry Fischer and Frank Lloyd in the year 1946. The first gallery was opened in London. The gallery gained much popularity beginning in the year 1950, when it exhibited famous works of Renoir, Monet, Degas and Boudin; among many others in this prestige circle of artists.

By the 1960s, the gallery once again embarked on a new challenge. This time, they wanted to show works of art by famous post-WWII artists. Works by Henry Moore, Ben Nicholson, Francis Bacon and Graham Sutherland were exhibited.

Also by the 1960s, a gallery was opened in Rome; serving as the 2nd Marlborough Gallery and then another in New York, making it the third gallery so far.

There are also now galleries in Madrid and Santiago.


Visitors wanting to view exhibits at the Marlborough Fine Arts Gallery – Monaco will be glad to know that there is no admission fee to enter the gallery.

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Budget rooms are around €60 per room, per night; but these are not recommended for the weary traveler as these basically do not have private bathrooms.

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These can cost anywhere from €320 up to €940 for a single room and €416 up to €1,222 for a double room.

Other Information

Marlborough Fine Arts Gallery – Monaco is open from Monday to Friday. The doors open at 11 in the morning and close at 6 in the evening.