Masjet-e-Jam in Herat – Afghanistan

The Masjet e Jam in Herat is one of the main attractions in all of Afghanistan. In terms of design, this mosque is considered the finest in the country.


The mosque is located in the city of Herat in the province of the same name. This is in northeastern Afghanistan.

What to See

The mosque facade has undergone many changes through the years. The current form of the mosque dates from the 15th century. What makes the mosque so beautiful is the attention paid to detail. The mosaic and tiles are particularly striking.

The structure also serves as an outstanding example of Ghorid sophistication. There are also several artworks in the Masjet e Jam in Herat. These are among the most attractive features of the mosque.


The mosque was constructed by the Timurids. As the mosque came under different rulers, it was extended, expanded and renovated. Some of the rulers that had a hand in its renovation include the Mughals and the Safavids.

This mosque was not always the biggest in the area. In fact, the Timurids constructed a much bigger one. This was established at the north of the city. However, these were destroyed by the British Indian Army in 1885. The British had the structures destroyed so the Russians would not be able to use them as a base during their invasion of India.

The mosque that stands today was built upon an even older mosque dating from the 10th century. The renovation of the place began in 1943. It was in a state of disrepair. The reconstruction would subsequently make it one of the main tourist attractions in the country.It is visited by thousands of people yearly.


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Other Info

The term Friday Mosque is a name given to numerous mosques around the planet. In the Arab world, Friday is the Day of Assembly or prayer. All male Muslims are required to pray the noontime prayer. For this reason, all Islamic communities have a mosque built for this objective.

The Masjet e Jam in Herat is not just another mosque. In terms of design, it is a symbol of the country and how religion inspires their architectural style.