Mecca – Saudi Arabia

Mecca in Saudi Arabia is the holiest city in the world for Muslims. Bear in mind that only Muslims can enter the place. Non-Muslims who attempt to enter will be prevented.


The city is in the western part of Saudi Arabia. If coming from abroad, your entry point will be Jeddah. The Hajj Terminal in the King Abdulaziz International Airport was built just for this purpose. You can also reach the place by car from the Jeddah highway.

What to See

The pilgrims go to the Sacred Mosque around Kaaba. The Kaaba is in the middle of this mosque. This is covered with black cloth. The Mina is the place of the Devils stoning. The Muzdalifah is the place where the Muslims spend the evenings.

The Hill of Arafat and Jabal Rahma meanwhile, is where the last sermon of the Prophet Muhammad was conducted. Another important site is the Jabal Al Noor (Mountain of Light). This is the mountain where the Her’aa grotto is found. It is here that the Prophet Muhammad received the Qu’ran.

If you are in the area, you can also trek up the mountains. While the city is off limits to non-Muslims, you can go shopping in the nearby areas.


The Hajj refers to the pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia. It is called one of the Five Pillars of Sunni Islam. According to Islamic law, Muslims who are physically and financially able to make the pilgrimage should do so. It has been estimated that 3 million Muslims go to the city every year. This is also the birthplace of the Prophet Muhammad.

Anyone who wishes to make the pilgrimage will have their papers checked. Individuals that cannot show proof that they are Muslims will be prevented from entering and deported.


The cost of the trip to the city varies. The daily travel cost in Saudi Arabia is about 96 SAR. But getting a room overlooking Mecca during the Haj can cost 4,000 USD per night.

Other Info

The Masjid e Taneem Mosque is the boundary for individuals that have gone to Makkah. Hudaibiyah can be found on the road that joins Makkah and Jeddah. The Jannat ul Mualla is the burial place where the Prophets companions have been laid to rest.

If you are going on a pilgrimage in Mecca in Saudi Arabia, avoid bringing valuables as they can get lost. You must also be careful and avoid the crush of crowds.