Mergui Archipelago – Burma

A Mergui Archipelago tour is one of the most exciting things that you can do in Myanmar. If you are looking for a unique vacation spot, this is a good choice.


The archipelago is situated at the far south end of the country. The archipelago is composed of more than 800 islands of varying sizes. Some are hundreds of square kilometers and others are smaller. Given the location, the only possible way to reach the islands is by a cruise ship or boat.

What to See

Since it has only been recently opened to tourists, part of the charm is its being barely explored. There are several diving sites such as Silvertip Bank, Rainbow Reef and Big Bank. The waters are clean and pure. A Mergui Archipelago tour will allow you to explore the sea fans and soft corals.

The giant boulders in some of the other islands are also attractions. You can also go wall diving. There are also caves and tunnels to explore.

Divers will also see the cowries, ribbon eels, ghost pipefish and the frogfish. Divers will also get the chance to see shrimps, crabs and lobsters.


The place is also known as the Myeik Kyunzu or the Myeik Archipelago. The islands are composed of different materials. But majority are granite and limestone. Rainforest and tropical growth are prevalent. There are also mangrove swamps and headlands. Numerous coral reefs can be found in the area.

Because the island has not been affected by modern civilization, different types of flora and fauna have prospered. Different animals are now found on the island.

These include wild swine, hornbills, and monkeys. Some people have even reported seeing rhinos. The people living on some of the islands are known as the Moken. They make their living by fishing.


The cost will depend on the package tour and what kind of activities you choose. A 4 day 4 night tour with diving and tours will cost about 845 Euros.

Other Info

Diving is by far the most popular activity on the archipelago. The Shark Cave is very popular owing to the diverse marine life there. Whale sharks, nurse, bull and reef sharks are also present. Schools of devil rays can be seen at Black Rock dive site.

The best time to go on a Mergui Archipelago tour is from December to April. During these periods, the whale sharks visit the waters around the islands.