Meroe in Shendi – Sudan

Meroe in Shendi – Sudan is an ancient city that dates as far back as 300 B.C. The ancient city’s most prominent landmarks are some two hundred or so pyramids still standing within the city.


Meroe in Shendi – Sudan is located about forty kilometers off the northern section of Shendi, some two hundred kilometers off the northeastern parts of Sudan’s capital city of Khartoum.

Getting There

You can reach Meroe in Shendi – Sudan via Khartoum. There are buses that can take you to Shendi. The trip is approximately two hours and forty-five minutes. From Shendi, you can take a minibus going to Shendi via the route going towards Atbara.

What to See and Do

The top tourist attraction for visitors going to Meroe in Shendi – Sudan are the pyramids. Although these may not seem as grand and regal as those of Egypt’s Great Pyramids, Meroe’s pyramids nevertheless exude that certain majestic charm despite the fact that much of them have been destroyed through pilfering.

You can take a camel ride down the ancient city to give you a more rustic feel of the ancient town. The area is not crowded with tourists which actually adds to the majestic charm of the pyramids as you will feel that you have actually been transported back to the past with the lack of the usual tourist crowd taking pictures and such.

Brief History

Meroe in Shendi – Sudan served as the capital of the Kush Kingdom. Archeological studies discovered evidences of burial grounds for royalty during the period of the Meroitic Kingdom.

There is a famous legend that surrounds the history of the ancient city. It is said that Alexander the Great came to the city with his army. He was confronted by Queen Candace of Meroe, who sat rather majestically on top of her royal elephant, who brought along her own army with her.

Seeing this vision, Alexander the Great thought it most prudent to simply withdraw and leave the city. While there is no conclusive evidence that can prove this event ever took place, it remains a legend that locals love to tell.

Excavations around Meroe in Shendi – Sudan unearthed evidences of what used to be a big and grand city. Relics include those of a chapel, palaces, temples dedicated to Isis, Amon and Apedemak.


A bus ride from Khartoum going to Shendi costs approximately 24 Sudanese Pounds while a minibus ride from Shendi to Meroe in Shendi – Sudan costs about 7 Sudanese Pounds.

Entrance tickets to gain access to the ancient which you can purchase at the ticket office, are about 20 Sudanese Pounds.

Other Information

The ancient city has three important burial grounds: northern, western and southern. Of the three, the most magnificent remains of the pyramids can be found within the northern section.