Miandasht Caravanserai in Shahrood City – Iran

The Miandasht Caravanserai complex is one of the main tourist attractions in Iran today. The unique features in the complex make the place worthy of a look.


The complex is about 105 kilometers to the east of Shahrood City. The city is in the province of Semnan. It is by the Silk Road. It is not far from Sabzevar between Mashhad and Tehran.

What to See

The complex has several features. It has three caravanserai, a castle and several water stores. The area around the complex is noted for its natural beauty. The sheer size of the complex (15,000 sq m) is awe inspiring.

Two of the caravanserai are from the Qajar period and the other from the Safavid era. While exploring the Miandasht Caravanserai you can also visit the Khush Yelaq woodland to the north and Touran Desert at the south. During the summer it is very hot. But it snows in the winter.


In 2006, 8,000 year old settlements were discovered in Shahrood. The settlements uncovered were numerous, including craft workshops, ovens and other artifacts. Today it is a modern city, but during the rule of Fath Ali Shah it was just a village. It had a farm called “Shabdary” and a couple of old castles.

6 km to the north of the city is the town of Bastam. According to some historians, it was constructed during the Shapur II era. The prosperity of the town ended with the assaults of the Mongols. Shahrood would then take its place as the premier town.

Today the city has absorbed Bastam, although the historic town still retains its identity. The Alborz mountains can be seen at the north. To its south you will see arid salty deserts. The Tash River is not far from the deserts at the south.


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Other Info

There are many other tourist sites in Shahrood City. The Saljuki Mosque at Bastam dates back to 1120 AD. Not far from it is the historical village of Kharaqan. The tomb of Abul-Hassan Kharaqani can be found in the village.

Aside from the Miandasht Caravanserai complex, you can also visit the ruins of Byar Castle at Bastam. You can also check the Farumad Mosque in the village carrying the same name.