Mileseva Monastery in Prijepolje – Serbia

The Mileseva Monastery is one of the most famous historical landmarks in Serbia. If you are visiting the country, this is one of those places you will want to visit.


This Orthodox monastery is located in Prijepolje. This is at the southwest of the country. The monastery is situated at the Mileseva river close to Prijepolje.

What to See


The most famous features of the complex are the frescoes, which were created by some of the best artists of the time. One of the art pieces in the church is the famous White Angel. This shows an angel over the grave of Jesus.

There are several types of frescoes, but the best are those dating from the 13th century. The artwork depicts the bishops, martyrs and warrior saints. The narthex depicts the monks. The narthex upper registers show the earthly life of Jesus.

The Mileseva Monastery also has a composition about the Resurrection. At the west bay south wall is a portrait of King Radolav with Jesus leading him to Mary.


The monastery was established sometime between 1234 and 1236 by King Vladislav. In 1236, the king relocated the relics at Trnovo and placed them in the monastery. There are some historians who believe that the crowning of King Tvrtko I happened in the monastery as well.

During the 15th century, the monastery became the seat of power of the Metropolitanate of Dabar-Bosnia. The monastery was partially destroyed when the Turks set it on fire in 1459. However, it was quickly rebuilt.

By the 16th century, schools had already existed at the monastery. It was during the time that the narthex was decorated. Another renovation took place in 1863 following numerous Turkish attacks. In 1979, it was declared a Monument of Culture of Exceptional Importance.


Visits to the monastery are usually included in tours of Serbia. The most basic tours will probably cost under a hundred Euros. If you are more interested in the 7 day long tours, the cost will be around 1,000 Euros at least. This will include trips to other tourist attractions nearby.

Other Info

The northeastern narthex depicts the Nemanjic family. Stefan Nemanja is shown as the monk Simeon. The first archbishop is Sava. There are also frescoes at the chapel and the narthex. These were created in the 1230s.

The Mileseva Monastery also has illustrations of the Last Judgment. The saints are also displayed prominently. The complex is dedicated to the Ascension of Our Lord.