Milford Sound in South Island – New Zealand

Milford Sound tours rank among the must-do activities when visiting New Zealand. The sheer beauty of the fjord has made it one of the most recognizable sites in the world.


The fjord is situated at the southwest of South Island, New Zealand. It is located at the Fiordland National Park.

What to See

The most popular activity are the boat tours and the cruises. There are also several water sports that can be done, including kayaking and canoeing. Tramping is also popular here. There is also an underwater tourist observatory where you can see black coral.

During the winter and rainy season, visitors to the site can admire the forests and the waterfalls. When the wind blows, the waterfalls end up going upwards, making for a unique sight. During Milford Sound tours, you can take snapshots of the area. The best time for taking pictures is the early morning or late afternoon.

If you want to see the dolphins, seals, penguins and other wildlife, go kayaking. This makes it easier to spot them compared to being on a cruise.


The fjord goes 15 km inland from the Tasman Sea and is encompassed by rock faces at least 3,900 ft (1,200 m) high. One of the most notable is the 4,977 ft (1,517 meters) Elephant’s Head. The Lion peak is 4,272 ft (1,302 meters) high and is so-called because it looks like a crouched lion.

All year long, there are two waterfalls that can be seen, Stirling Falls and Lady Bowen Falls. However, heavy rainfall leads to the creation of several temporary waterfalls.

The climate at the fjord is very wet; it averages 6,813 mm of rain yearly. It is considered the wettest inhabited site in New Zealand.


Cost of tour packages are based on the amenities provided. For NZ$ 4,000 per person, you will get a room, a guide, your own bike to tour the site, helmet and other gears. This rate will also include the food and drinks. Cheaper rates are available with fewer amenities.

Other Info

There is a small store near the site. You can buy some postcards and souvenir items there. It opens at 8 in the morning. The Blue Duck Cafe & Bar is the only eatery available at the site. Drinks, coffee, dinner, breakfast and lunch are served.

If you are going on Milford Sound tours, make sure your lodging is taken care of. There are few lodging places near the area, and they are often booked fully.