Mochima National Park – Venezuela

The Mochima National Park is one of the top tourist sites in Venezuela and South America. It is most noteworthy for the landscapes and the beaches.

Location and How to Get to This Specific Site

The park is located to the northeast of Venezuela. This is in the Scure state. You can reach the site by riding a bus from Puerto la Cruz going to Santa Fe. There are several vehicles that can bring you to the park.

What to See There

The park is best known for its gulfs, inlets and beaches. The area is known also for its cliffs. The cliffs are notable for their lack of vegetation. Mochima National Park is also recognized for its islands. Some of the most well known are Chimana Grande, Monos and Las Borrachas. The park itself measures 949 sq km.

You can get around the island by boat. Boats going to the western islands depart from Paseo Colon in Puerto La Cruz. There are also boats at the park’s eastern end available. They depart at the Guanta port.

The park has a mountainous area that encompasses the Turimiquire Dam watershed (Sucre State). While the island has beautiful scenery throughout, the eastern Caribbean Sea landscape is particularly outstanding.


The park was created in 1973. It was Venezuela’s second marine park. The area would encompass the shoreline between Cumana and Puerto La Cruz. Also included are 32 islands off the shore.

However, the islands have been around for a long time. Through the activities of nature, numerous coral reefs were formed under its waters. The weather conditions in the area also resulted in the appearance of tropical rainforests. The park is named after a town nearby. The park was created primarily to safeguard the Turimiquire Range forests.

The park covers 94,935 hectares. Today, its western section is almost entirely a marine area. This section includes the Mochima Bay and Gulf of Santa Fe.


The entrance fee is 2 BsF per person. The fee is 10 BsF per individual if you are camping overnight at the beach.

Other Info

The temperature ranges from 22 and 28 C. The climate is characterized by constant trade winds. The temperatures can get high from November to May. Temperatures are cooler around June to October.

The Mochima National Park is just one of the many parks in Venezuela. But its many attractions have made it a perennial favorite.