Modern Architecture – Korea

Korean modern architecture is one of the most striking in the world. Majority of its modern buildings and architectural landmarks are in Seoul, its capital.


The city is in the northwest part of South Korea. The city is serviced by several major airlines around the world. The country also has many forms of public transport that can take you there.

What to See

A walk around the city will show you the many different skyscrapers and buildings around it. Some of the most impressive are the Korea Finance Building and the COEX Mall. There is also the Jongno Tower, Tower Palace and N Seoul Tower.

Other interesting landmarks in the city are the World Trade Center and the Seoul Star Tower. The World Trade Center is one of the finest examples of Korean modern architecture. Set in Gangnam-gu, it is the site of numerous events and conferences.

The city is also home to many different types of historical architecture. Many of the historical landmarks can be found in the Amsa-dong Prehistoric Settlement Site. Changdeokgung is a UNESCO World heritage Site. Palaces from the Joseon Dynasty are currently being rehabilitated.


There is evidence that Korea was settled in about 700,000 years ago by Homo Erectus. Archaeologists have unearthed tool making relics dating from 700,000 BCE to 40,000 BCE (the Palaeolithic period). These artifacts have been unearthed in the north and south Chungcheong Provinces of Korea. Similar remains have been found in Gyeonggi, P’yongan and North Hamgyong.

The oldest pottery in the country dates back to 8000 BCE at least. Scattered throughout the peninsula is evidence of Mesolithic Pit-Comb Ware culture. There is also archaeological evidence that agricultural societies came out during the Mumun Pottery Period around 1500-300 BCE.


Prices of tours to Korea vary. A week long tour of the historical landmarks will cost around 2500 USD. However, the cost will vary depending on the duration and what areas you want to visit. You should compare the prices online before buying one for yourself.

Other Info

Another place filled with architectural landmarks is Yeouido, downstream from Gangnam-gu. It is the home of many of the country’s broadcasting studios, office complexes and National Assembly. The biggest Pentecostal church in the world is here.

Other outstanding examples of Korean modern architecture are the Lotte World, Olympic Park and the Olympic Stadium in Songpa-gu. This is at the Han River’s south side. There are many more being built.