Mombasa – Kenya

Mombasa – Kenya is a major holiday destination in the country, visited throughout the year by tourists from all over the world. It has wonderful beaches, top-rated hotels and a good number of historical landmarks, monuments and museums.


Mombasa – Kenya is situated along the eastern coasts of the Indian Ocean that border the country. It is within East Africa, on the southeast region of Kenya.

Getting There

You can reach Mombasa – Kenya via air or railway. Flying in is via the Moi International Airport, which has been recently renovated and upgraded to accommodate more passengers flying in and out of Mombasa.

Domestic flights are also provided at the airport.

Via railway, Kenya Railways provides services for commuters traveling within the country; particularly between Mombasa and Nairobi.

You can also reach this coastal town through a bus service if you will be coming from other cities within the country.

What to See and Do

What good is a visit to Africa if you’re not going to see some of the continent’s most amazing animals?

A holiday in Mombasa – Kenya won’t be complete without a visit to Haller Park, the town’s biggest animal sanctuary. Walking down the trails, you can view various animals, reptiles and birds.

Sometimes the guides will allow you to pet the animals and even touch the reptiles; but only do so with the help of a guide.

Historical monuments are also abundant here. Head down to Fort Jesus along the coastline and was built by the Portuguese back in the sixteenth century. It houses a museum where you can see various artifacts dating back to the times of slave trade.

Along the northern coastline of the town, you can also view the beautiful ruins of an old village – the Gedi Ruins. The town was completely built out of rocks and stones the ruins of which you can still see today.

Brief History

Mombasa – Kenya is the 2nd largest city in the country. Its original name of Kisiwa Cha Mvita translates to Island of War because of its long history with foreign invaders that took control of the town over the centuries.

Mombasa came under the powers of the British, Portuguese and Arabs which greatly influenced its people’s cultural heritage.

It is said that one of its founders, Shehe Mvita was a much-learned Muslim whose ideals and influences have been carried over to the present-day Swahili culture and ideals.

Ancestry that is carried by Shehe Mvita is still in existence today through the descendants of the original inhabitants of the town.


Traveling around town via taxis generally costs about $30 up to $35 from the city centre to the major beaches in town. Minibuses cost about 50 Kenyan shillings.

Accommodations range from $20 up to $40 per person, per night during low season and can go up to $80 per person, per night during high season.

Other Information

Within the city center, you can find banks, shops, hospitals and major business establishments. Euros and American dollars as well as major credit cards are accepted as modes of payment in town.