Monaco Cathedral in Monaco-Ville – Monaco

Monaco Cathedral in Monaco-Ville – Monaco is officially known as Cathédrale Notre-Dame Immaculée. It is also sometimes called Saint Nicholas Cathedral. It is the seat of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of the Principality of Monaco.


Monaco Cathedral in Monaco-Ville – Monaco is located at 4 Rue du Colonel Bellando de Castro, close to the Oceanographic Museum and Aquarium as well as the Prince’s Palace.

Getting There

From Monaco, you can take a bus going to Monaco-Ville. Buses 1 and 2 can take you to Monaco-Ville at the Place de la Visitation. From here, you can reach the Cathedral on foot.

It is approximately two to four minutes worth of walk to the Cathedral.

What to See

The exteriors of Monaco Cathedral in Monaco-Ville – Monaco are already a sight to behold. Completely made from white marble, the Cathedral takes on a Roman-Byzantine architectural design pattern.

As you walk inside the Cathedral, you can see flags adorning the nave that leads to the Great Altar. On the altar, there is a magnificent retable created some time in the 1500s.

There is also the Episcopal Throne completely made from white marble.

At the back portion of the altar, in the apse; you can visit the tombs of Princess Grace and Prince Rainier.

The interiors of the Cathedral are also adorned with religious mosaics.

Lining the church’s square are restaurants where you can dine and have refreshments.

Brief History

The Monaco Cathedral in Monaco-Ville – Monaco is also known as the Saint Nicholas Cathedral because it was on this site that the first church in the Principality of Monaco was built in honor of Saint Nicholas.

This first church was constructed some time in the year 1252. Monaco Cathedral was built in the year 1875.

Special services are held here on the occasion of special religious events being observed in Monaco. This includes the Feast of Saint Dévote, the Patron Saint of Monaco.

Pontifical Mass for the said feast takes place every January 27 of each year. Other special events where masses are held at the Cathedral are the National Holiday which is November 19 and December 6 in honor of Saint Nicholas.


There is no admission fee to visit the Cathedral. For bus fares going to Monaco Cathedral in Monaco-Ville – Monaco, a single ride costs about €1, while a daily pass that enables you to ride the bus all day costs €3.

Accommodations around Monaco-Ville can be pretty expensive. Monaco after all, is the playground of the rich and famous. Budget accommodations are already at €60 per person exclusive and breakfast.

Mid-range rooms are between €80 and €150 while luxury accommodations start at €400 and can go all the way up to €1,400.

Other Information

During the months of June all the way through September, Les Petits Chanteurs de Monaco, or Little Singers of Monaco, and the Cathedral Choir sing during the 10 A.M. mass each Sunday.