Monastery of Horezu in Wallachia – Romania


The Monastery of Horezu in Wallachia – Romania is one of the finest samples of influential architectural art from the 16th to the 19th century in the country. This monastery is located in Wallachia, Romania. Those who want to see the place will have to take a two hour drive at the southern end of Sibiu. Would be visitors will have to take the road heading to Targu Jiu.

What to See

The Horezu Monastery is a masterpiece in Brancovan style art. The structures that visitors will find here are beautifully preserved. Everyone owes it all to the care takers of the monastery, specifically the nuns who have occupied the place for quite a while. Yes, this is an active monastery where the nunnery is quite active.

Not that many foreign tourists visit the place. Certainly enough, one should not expect a huge horde of visitors waiting outside since the nunnery isn’t always open for visits. However, there is no entrance fee so you won’t have to worry about being charged for anything when you visit. The only cost one might incur is for the trinkets and souvenirs one may opt to pick up from the

little row of shops and stalls quietly set up in the monastery.

After parking at the designated parking area, visitors will have to make a short uphill walk just to get to the Monastery of Horezu in Wallachia – Romania itself. The gate at the entrance would seem to be enveloped by the thick walls. There is an old church at the very center of the monastery grounds. One can’t help but notice the myriad of paintings completely covering the portal out at the front.

The vivid design of the buildings plus the artwork that abounds along the walls creates an eerie yet sublime ambiance. It is quite a unique yet pretty sight. Visitors may bask in the mythological and religious scenes depicted in the many frescoes and paintings lining the Monastery of Horezu in Wallachia – Romania from its entrance all the way to the massive wooden altar located at the far end.


This monastery was built in 1690 under the commission of Prince Constantin Brancovan. It was this same prince that permitted the addition of rich decorations and wall paintings to adorn the interiors of this structure. However, the building itself is quite majestic while the interiors were painted on by famed Greek painter Constantinos.

The architecture of the Monastery of Horezu in Wallachia – Romania is a synthesis of Italian Renaissance and Byzantine architecture. Since 1872, the place has been used as a nunnery.