Montale – San Marino

San Marino claims to be the oldest republic in Europe. But wait, it has more attractions that drive tourists than that. One of those attractions is Montale, one of the three peaks that overlook the capital city of San Marino,

Location and How to Get There

The Montale is the third tower or the third peak that was constructed in 14th century. It is located on the smallest summit of Monte Titano.

San Marino being in the highest peak of the republic, expect the roads to be steep. It is beyoond the reach of a highway. To get to San Marino and its tourist attractions such as the Montale, one has to take a cable car or a bus. There’s a railway station that’s in the works to be reopened so that the city becomes more accessible for tourists and locals alike.

What to See There

There is nothing much to see at the Montale. But it’s a nice place to tour because it will give you a good look at the whole city in a glance. Reaching the peak of the Montale is like reaching a higher ground to see and savor the lovely city for all that it’s worth.


The Montale was constructed in 14th century. It is a fortress that played a significant role at the time of the Malatesta family’s struggle. It is part of the three peaks that are quite popular in and around the republic. The oldest tower, Guaita, is the oldest of the three towers and is located at the highest peak. Cesta is the second tower and it was constructed during the 13th century. The Montale was the last tower built that has been an eye-candy since.


The only cost you have to pay for visiting the Montale tower is only the transport fare to get there. That is since you can only get near the tower, marvel in its spectacular view, but not take a look inside of it. So there is no need to pay for an entrance fee because the public is forbidden to enter the fortress.

Other Info

Unfortunately for excited tourists who want a glimpse of the Montale, the tower is forbidden for entry. Unlike the other two, in which the public can explore, you can only admire the beauty of Montale from the outside. That has been the case since.

You should never think, however, that traveling to Montale is a waste of time. The picturesque beauty of the area and lovely appeal are more than enough your money’s worth.