Mount Kazbek in Kazbegi District – Georgia

Mount Kazbek in Kazbegi District – Georgia is the 3rd highest mountain in the country. It is part of the Caucasus Mountains and stands as the 7th highest peak among the Caucasus Mountains.


Mount Kazbek in Kazbegi District – Georgia is actually bordered by the Kazbegi District and North Ossetia. The mountain is within the Khokh Range.

Getting There

If you are flying in to Georgia, the nearest airport to Kazbegi District is the international airport in the capital city of the country, Tbilisi. From Tbilisi, you can take the local marshrutka to get to Kazbegi.

The trip will take about four hours.

What to See and Do

Travelers from all across the globe visit Mount Kazbek in Kazbegi District – Georgia specifically to trek up the mountain. The breathtaking snow-capped summit provides a beautiful panoramic view of the mountain range.

There are several trekking trails that you can take to explore Mount Kazbek and one of these is the Gergeti Trek; considered as one of the most popular trails not only for Mount Kazbek but also the most popular one in the country.

About one and one-half to two hours down this trail, you can see a small and yet very nice church which is the Holy Trinity Church. If you wish to camp for the night before continuing with your trek, there is a camp site situated right next to the church.

Brief History

Legend has it that Mount Kazbek in Kazbegi District – Georgia is the sight where Amirani, the country’s version of the fire-stealing Titan, Prometheus; was chained as punishment for stealing fire and giving it to mortals.

The said location where Amirani was chained later became the place of worship for Orthodox hermits. It is believed that this hermitage formerly held highly important religious relics, i.e. the tent of Abraham and Jesus’ manger.

The very first people to successfully reach the summit were D.W. Freshfield, A.W. Moore and C. Tucker back in the year 1886. They were part of the London Alpine Club.


The bus ride from Tbilisi to the Kazbegi District costs about eight lari.

If you wish to trek with a guide, fees for guides are about forty US dollars per person. Staying at the mountain hut within the Meteorological Station costs about ten US dollars per person, per night.

There is also a budget hotel located close to Mount Kazbek in Kazbegi District – Georgia and a room costs ten lari per person, per night. A ski lodge also provides rooms for travelers visiting the Kazbegi District.

The rooms cost about one hundred lari and up per person, per night inclusive of meals.

Other Information

Trekkers taking the Gergeti Trek only do not usually ask for a guide as the trails are well-marked and very easy to follow. Guides however are recommended if you wish to climb all the way up to the summit.