Mount Kilimanjaro – Tanzania

Mount Kilimanjaro is a popular travel site. It is Africa’s highest peak. It is also the world’s freestanding strato-volcano.

Location and How to Get There

Mount Kilimanjaro is located north of Tanzania, near the country’s border with Kenya. It can be reached from foreign countries via the Kilimanjaro International Airport.

From Kenya, you can either take a flight via Kenya Airways or take a shuttle bus, which will take about five hours to six hours. The plane ride costs about $400 dollars for a round-trip ticket while the bus ride costs about $50 dollars for the two-way trip.

What to See There

There are so many things to marvel about Mount Kilimanjaro.

First is its amazing landscape, which is decorated by snowy peaks. Although they are quickly disappearing, appreciating the scene will more than make your day.

Second is its flora and fauna. The mountain is blessed with various climactic conditions. The bottom of the mountain presents a bush land while the peak is an amazing arctic ice region. There are unique species of plants and flowers. Although there is not much of wildlife in the mountains, you will see some elephants, wild buffaloes, and leopards on the way up.

The real adventure upon visiting Mount Kilimanjaro, however, is none other than trekking. This is a true haven for mountain climbers and trekkers alike. The climb is truly entertaining whichever way you choose among the six routes up or the two different routes for descent.


Legend has it that Mount Kilimanjaro was presented as a gift by Queen Victoria of England to her grandson, Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany. But that was just a myth. In reality, it was German traveler Karl Peters who founded Tanzania and who persuaded Chagga chieftains to cede their territories.

The Kilimanjaro Forest Reserve was established in 1921 while the Kilimanjaro National park was established in 1973 and was officially opened to the public four years later.


It depends on your traveling fashion whatever cost you may face. Currently, entry to the park costs over $100. But it is not only about entry. The climb up will require fees for porters, guides, and cooks. Be ready to spend an amount between $800 and $5,500. Add to that is the amount you will give as tip to the company that will be with you on your way up.

Other Info

Lodging on your climb is quite limited to some designated campsites. You can no longer stay or sleep in caves as it is now prohibited.