Mount Kosciuszko in Snowy Mountains – Australia

Mount Kosciuszko in Snowy Mountains is a famous tourist destination in Australia. Aside from mountain climbing, it is also famous for its skiing and sports adventure in the summer.

Location and How to Get to This Specific Site

The mountain is best accessed from the Kosciuszko National Park. It is 354 km southwest of Sydney in South Wales. The site is about three hours’ drive from Canberra. It is six hours away from Sydney. Expect the same time if you are gong to drive from Melbourne. There is also an airport service you can use in Canberra.

What to See There

Its borders are a mix of wilderness and rugged mountains. If you use the chairlift, you will be able to take a 6 km inclined walk on the mountain’s summit. Experienced hikers can proceed to the Mt. Townsend.

You can also take guided tours on the Snowy River. Other activities you can do when on a trip to Mount Kosciuszko in Snowy Mountains in the park are kayaking, skiing, rafting, and boarding.


The Kosciuszko National Park was incorporated in December 5, 1906. In 1944 it would become known as the Kosciuszko State Park. In 1967, it was renamed to the Kosciuszko National Park. Cattle grazers used to farm the area. The mountain huts they left behind are still preserved.

There is also evidence that gold mining was done in Kiandra around the 19th century. The uppermost regions of the peak possess an alpine climate. The lowest temperature on record is -23.0 C. However, only the summit actually gets heavy snow around the winter.


The year round chairlift costs $19.50 one way and $25 return for an adult. For kids, it costs $11 one way and $12.50 return. The fee for vehicles is $16 per vehicle per day in the summer. In the winter the fee is $27. Alpine Way drive-through are not charged any fees.

Other Info

Don’t forget to have breakfast while at Mt Kosciuszko’s summit. You can also do some mountain biking and fishing. There is also a golf course near the park. The park also has a 60 m heated swimming pool. You can also play some tennis in the area.

The Mount Kosciuszko in Snowy Mountains has many resorts, including Selwyn snowfields, Thredbo and Charlotte Pass. The best known walk path is the Australian Alps Walking Track. Many people go there around summertime.