Mtskheta in Tbilisi – Georgia

Mtskheta in Tbilisi – Georgia is among the oldest cities in the country whose historical and ancient monuments were enlisted as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 1994.


Mtskheta in Tbilisi – Georgia is situated within the northern sections of the country’s capital city of Tbilisi, about twenty kilometers off; at the convergence of the Aragvi River and the Kura River.

Getting There

To reach Mtskheta in Tbilisi – Georgia, you can get a ride from one of the marshrutkas found in the city. It is the most popular means of public transportation in and around Tbilisi.

It is a type of minibus also known as a shared taxi and there are marshrutkas that regularly ply the streets between the marketplace in Didube and the main thoroughfare in Mtskheta.

What to See

Mtskheta in Tbilisi – Georgia is home to a number of excellent historical monuments. You can visit the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral also known as the Life Giving Pillar.

Considered as one of the holiest places in the city, it houses the graves of Georgia’s kings.

Samvatro is also a sacred place that you may want to consider visiting while on a trip to Mtskheta. It is said that the site where the churches are built was the place where Saint Nino actually resided.

There are also ruins of fortresses that can be found in the city such as the Bebris Tsikhe otherwise known as the Elder’s Fortress.

Brief History

The place that is now known as Mtskheta in Tbilisi – Georgia is believed to have been in existence as far back as one thousand BC. The city served as the capital of Georgia from the third century BC up to five AD.

Early Christians worshipped and prayed here; and it played a huge role in the practice of the Christian faith in the country as this is where Christianity was declared as the “state religion” of the country back in 317.


Accommodations are best found within the city centre of Tbilisi and these range from 12 to 20 Euros per person, per night.

For dining out, you can get good meals for only about 12 GEL or Georgian Lari up to 25 GEL.

For a bit of night life, you can visit different bars and pubs in Tbilisi and costs can range from 30 up to 35 GEL.

Other Information

For souvenirs for your visit to Mtskheta in Tbilisi – Georgia, you can find shops and vendors in front and nearby the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral.