Mukalla City – Yemen

Al Mukalla Yemen is one of the biggest and most vital cities in the country. It is also a commercial center.

Location and How to Get to This Specific Site

The city is 300 mi (480 km) to the east of Aden. It is located on Arabia’s southern portion at the Arabian Sea. The easiest way to reach the place is by Riyan Airport (IATA RIY). This is 30 km away.

What to See There

The city is not far from the “Qana” or “Cane”. This is the old Hadrami trading post between Africa and India. You will also see Husn Al-Ghuwayzi, a historical landmark dating back to 1884 AD.

Another site worth visiting is Tabala Leis to the north of Shihr. Al-Hami is a coastal site 20 km from Shihr. Not far off are the lovely villages of Suwiaber and Thawban. Ghayl Bawazir is another tourist attraction in Al Mukalla Yemen. It is best known for its tobacco.


The city’s first inhabitants were the fishermen who came from the nearby areas. Its original name was “Bandar Jacob”. In the 18th century, the emirate of Al-Kassad was founded. Ghayl Bawazir used to be a station for the caravans between the Hadhramout coast and the Wadi.

It has undergone numerous changes, but it has always been regarded as an important seaport. The old city would become known for the architecture commonplace among the coastal Arabian cities back then.


You can enter the city freely and visit the historical landmarks without paying a fee. If want to go hiking, it is best to get a guide or tour operator. Hiking and a guided city tour will cost at least a couple hundred dollars. The tour will cost more if you intend to visit the other areas around the city as well.

Other Info

There are many other tourist spots worth checking out. The town of Shibam is situated in the center Wadi Hadhramout. It is 20 km from Say’un. It used to be one of the most vital souks in the area. Shibam has over 500 7-storey skyscrapers in an area only 1/2 sq km. At 30 m over the Wadi bed, it looks like a castle from a distance.

The Citadel of Shibam is another place you should visit in Al Mukalla Yemen. It used to be the home of the governor beginning in the 13th century. The Shibam Mosque is one of the bigger mosques in the area and worth checking out.