Mulee Aage Palace in Male – Maldives

The Mulee-aage Palace is one of the most well known tourist destinations in Male. There are many lovely buildings in Maldives, but this is one of the finest.

Location and How to Get to This Specific Site

The palace is located in Male across the Friday Mosque. Male isn’t a large place; you can walk around and see most of the sites.

What to See There

The palace architecture is one of the finest in the country. The delicate colors blend in well with the surrounding gardens. The garden and palace also act as a nice break from the cityscape. The palace and garden also served vital roles during World War II.

People planted and harvested fruits and vegetables. This way the food crisis did not affect them. The palace and garden today are shielded by formidable looking gates.

The palace is very near the Friday Mosque and the two complement each other well. Other landmarks nearby are the Islamic Centre, Maldives National Defense Force HQ and Sultan Park and National Museum.


The Mulee-aage Palace was built in 1906 upon the orders of Sultan Shamsuddeen III. The place was meant for his son. They were only able to live there for 30 years. In 1936, the Sultan and his family were banished from the place.

The government took over. They converted it into the Presidential Palace. It was used for receiving dignitaries. The Maldives President now lives in the eastern section.


The taxis cost Rf 20 and an additional Rf 5 per bag. But as stated earlier, you can easily walk around the city. Most of the attractions are walking distance from each other. It is actually easier to see the landmarks by walking.

Other Info

There are several eateries and restaurants nearby. These include Jade Bistro to the front of jetty 8, and Maarukeytu Hota. This is on the fish market’s second floor. Among the food served here are curry, rice, grilled fish and drinks.

The Olive Garden is close by jetty 1. Pasta and pizza are served here. For sandwiches, try Shell Beans. Thai Wok is the place to be for genuine Thai food.

If you are going to the Mulee-aage Palace and stay for a while, book in advance. The hotels cost US$50 a height on the average. That is for a single; double cost more. The guesthouses are intended primarily for locals; they do not have air conditioning.