Museo Del Barrio in Asunción – Paraguay

The Museo Del Barrio Asuncion is a privately owned museum that displays Paraguayan ceramic art. It is a unique place that is worthy of a visit.


The building is located in the city center at Asunción. You can get there by taking a taxi or a bus. Renting a car is another option.

What to See

The innovations in kilns have led to new techniques for making sculptured art in Paraguay. Many of the old and modern styles can be found by the road side. There you will see vendors selling them. But majority of the displays can now be seen inside the complex. There are various items being showcased, and one can spend hours here.

The interior of the Museo Del Barrio Asunción is striking in itself. There are well lit glass displays. Informative data is available for each of the items on display. One part of the museum is set aside for permanent exhibits.

Paintings of historical events are also showcased. Many of them are done by famous local painters. Works of upcoming painters are also displayed prominently.

Figures of saints can also be seen in the museum. Several of them are from the 16th century. A few are more contemporary. Also worth checking out are the exhibits highlighting the locals’ skill in the craft of Nanduti. Nanduti is spider web needlework. Majority of these crafts have been handed down from generations.


The museum was created so there could be a single place where these works of art could be displayed. Through the years, different kinds of galleries have been displayed.

Today, many of the displays focus on pre-Columbian art and the indigenous natives of Paraguay. While some of the displays have changed, the pre-colonial Guarani ceramics remain its biggest attraction.


Taxi fares are supposed to be meter-based. But you can negotiate with the driver for the fares. The bus fares will be more expensive if the journey is long. The bus terminals are 5 km from the old center.

Other Info

One of the most interesting sections is the one holding temporary exhibits. Displays vary from modern paintings to photography. Plastic art and historical items have also been displayed there.

Those visiting the Museo Del Barrio Asunción should not fail to examine the masks on display. These were often worn during festivals and part of their tradition. These were also put on by the Guarani tribes for their religious ceremonies.