Museum of Haitian Art in Port-au-Prince – Haiti

If you really want an authentic experience of the Haitian way of life, you will have to check out their museums and galleries. Those say a lot about the lifestyle of the locals from the ancient times to the present.

The Museum of Haitian Art in Port-au-Prince, Haiti is an ideal place to visit to discover the many interesting things about the culture and life in the country.

Location and How to Get There

The Museum of Haitian Art is located at Port-au-Prince, the largest city in Haiti and the country’s capital city.

There are transportation options that you can use to get there. Taking a local cab is the wisest, however. Drivers can easily serve as your personal guide with their extensive knowledge of the ways and means to get to a specific tourist spot.

What to See There

The Museum of Haitian Art, true to its name, displays the best of the best from the Haitian artists. It displays the country’s best collection made by local artists in bold colors and even bolder images. The Museum of Haitian Art displays a variety of images that depict living things – plants, animals, and people.


The Museum of Haitian Art is put up obviously to showcase the local talents. There are many different museums and art galleries that can be found in the country. What makes the Museum of Haitian Art different is that it presents an opportunity for local art to take on the spotlight.


You only need to pay a couple of dollars to enter the Museum of Haitian Art. It is not clear how much but for sure, every penny spent is a penny spent worthwhile. The museum houses an amazing display of arts and crafts that will tell you more about the Haitian lifestyle. There are things that pieces of art can tell you more than the history books will do.

Other Info

There are many other museums located in Haiti and in Port-au-Prince in particular. The top choice is the National Museum that is located in downtown Port-au-Prince. It houses artifacts and relics that display the Haitian culture and tradition at its finest.

Aside from the museums, there are also many other attractions nearby. There’s the Delfly mansion with its majestic architecture. There’s also the Iron Market, which offers a taste of the local consumer goods equated to the local way of life. There are also the hills in the suburb area, where you will be treated to magnificent sights of the natural wonders that Haiti is luckily blessed with.