Nananu-i-Ra Island – Fiji

Nananu-i-Ra Island is a popular destination in Fiji. Even though many people visit the place, it has managed to retain its purity and cleanliness.


The island is just off the northern coast of Viti Levu (about 1.5 km away). The island is accessed by boat. From Ellington Wharf, it will take less than 10 minutes to get there. The island is part of the Ra Province. It is near Nananu-I-Cake and Dolphin Island.

What to See

The island has two beautiful beaches on both sides. Around the coast, it is a half hour stroll. Alternatively, you can take a 5 minute walk above the hill between these beaches. These beaches provide opportunities for sandy-bottom swimming in the lagoon.

Nananu-i-Ra Island is also an ideal place to go snorkeling. Aside from the crystal clear waters, colorful reef fish will accompany you.


The name of the island means “Daydream the Lower”. 3/4 of the island used to be owned by the Proctor and Gamble Legacy. In 2004, this was sold off to a developer from New Zealand. Due to its growing popularity, several resorts are being developed. The island has several shops where you can buy different kinds of food.

Majority of the island population are made up of European retirees. These are combined with local workers. To meet the demands of its visitors, broadband Internet services are now available. The island figures prominently in Fijian mythology. According to legend, the island is where disembodied spirits depart.


The boat fares cost $25FJD for every return trip per individual. Many travel agents obtain a deposit together with the booking. This commission is from 15 to 20%. For this reason, it is best to book for a single night first. From there, you can try and get a lower rate.

Smaller accommodations often cost a lot less. Discounts are often available for those who book in person. Getting a local to book for you can also reduce the expenses significantly.

Other Info

Of the many beaches around the island, the best known is Oni Beach. This is by the northernmost portion of the island. It is also recognized as one of the best beaches anywhere in Fiji.

The beaches around Nananu-i-Ra Island provide opportunities for light body surfing. The island is also a great place to go kite surfing and wind surfing. The best times to do these would be from April to October.