National Heroes Park in Kingston – Jamaica

The Kingston National Heroes Park is the biggest open space in the city of Kingston. Apart from being the final resting place of the country’s national heroes, it has many other features.


The park is located in Kingston, the capital of Jamaica. You can go around the city by bus. If abroad, you can fly in via Norman Manley International Airport. Once in the city, the easiest way to get around is by bus or taxi.

What to See

The park is where some of Jamaica’s most illustrious personalities are buried. Some of them are Dennis Brown, Hugh Shearer, Louise Bennett-Coverley and Samuel Sharpe.

The Kingston National Heroes Park also has the Jamaica War Memorial, a cenotaph in honor of the Jamaicans who perished in World Wars I and II. The memorial was constructed in 1922. It was initially set in downtown Kingston. But in 1953, it was relocated to the current spot.

One of the most distinguishable monuments is that for Michael Manley. The design is such that it appears as a graph of exponential growth. Black Jamaican marble covers its surface. Many of them have quotations by Manlety etched on. This monument was dedicated in 2002.


The park was established in 1783. Originally, the site was a race track. It has a one mile track used for horses. A new track was built at Knutsford Park in 1905. The old track became known as George VI Memorial Park.

This was in honor of the UK’s King George VI. This would later be converted into a park. When Jamaica gained independence in 1962, the name was changed to the one that it presently has.

Today, the park is being run by the National Solid Waste Management Authority. The security is provided for by the Jamaican Defense Force. The changing of the guard occurs every hour. Park innovations are being made by the Ministry of Local Government, Community Development.


A trip to Jamaica costs about 1000 USD. The taxis here cost J$400 to J$5000 for long trips.

Other Info

The park is also the final resting place for the 140 old women who perished in a fire at Myers Ward, a home for the elderly. The fire happened in 1980. The remains are marked by monument marks.

The Kingston National Heroes Park also has a bust of General Antonio Maceo. This was given by the Cuban government. It was a gift to Jamaica as they offered him an asylum.