National Historical Museum in Sofia – Bulgaria

The National Historical Museum in Sofia – Bulgaria was founded on the 5th of May in the year 1973 and is considered as the biggest museum of its kind in the country.

The museum houses numerous remarkable replicas reminiscent of the country’s rich and colorful past.


The current location of the National Historical Museum is at the former Bayona residence; specifically at 1618 Sofia, 16 Vitoshko Lale Street.

How to Get There

Going around the streets of Bulgaria in your own car hire service may not be the most ideal mode of transportation because parking is hard to come by in Sofia. On the other hand, if you would still want to get to the museum in a more private vehicle, your best option is to hail a taxicab.

Cabs are relatively cheap in the country and these can easily take you to the museum from whichever part of Sofia you are currently in at the moment.

However, for a much cheaper mode of transport, you have three options: bus, trolley and mini bus. Buses 63 and 111 are what you should look for as their routes will take you to the museum.

For trolleys, look for route 2; and for mini buses, look for route 21. All these specific public transports can take you directly to the museum.

What to See

The National Historical Museum of Sofia is home to some six hundred and eighty thousand exhibits, six hundred and fifty thousand of which cover fine art displays, archeological finds and relics, cultural displays and of course historical relics and remnants covering more than eight thousand years of Bulgarian history.

Brief History

The museum, as mentioned earlier, was founded on May 5, 1973. Its first “representative exhibition” was publicly opened some time in March of the year 1984 to celebrate one thousand and three hundred years of the Bulgarian state.

The exhibit was housed in the Court of Justice building. By the year 2000, the museum moved to a new home – the former governmental house – particularly Home 1 of the said residence.

It is still the current location of the museum.

Cost of Entry

Tickets cost 10 lv. or ten Bulgarian lev for adults while students will be charged 1 lv. only. For adults visiting with children, there is a special entry cost to visit the museum.

One adult is at 3 lv. and for kids seven years and up, the cost is 1 lv.

Other Information

The museum is open everyday except on special holidays of the year. However, there would also be times when the museum will be closed to public visitors so it’s best to check the museum’s official website prior to visiting so you will be sure that it will be open on the day of your visit.