National Museum of Natural History in Sofia – Bulgaria

The National Museum of Natural History in Sofia is one of the most prestigious in Bulgaria. Aside from tourists and nature lovers, the place also caters to scientific research and experiments.

Location and How to Get to This Specific Site

If you want to take the subway, the stopping point is Sofia University or Serdika. You can also take bus lines 9, 94, 280 or 306. Another option is the trolley bus line 9, 1, 2, 4 and 11.

What to See There

The museum has over 1,200 bird species, 400 stuffed animals and thousands of insects. A quarter of all the minerals in the world are also on display. The museum exhibitions take up four floors and 15 halls.

One of its most famous exhibits is the Caroline parrot. Other animals on display are the German sturgeon steppe viper, grey and maiden crane. Visitors will also see the little bustard, bearded vulture and the monk seal.

There are many other animals on display. These include buffalos, cheetahs, the Himalayan bear and the white rhinoceros. The Asenovgrad branch has the cast of the Deinotherium skeleton. This ancient creature is 4.50 m tall and 6.80 m long.


The National Museum of Natural History in Sofia was established in 1889. It was originally known as the Natural History Museum of Knyaz Ferdinand of Bulgaria. In 1947, the museum was included in the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Zoological Institute. In 1974, it would become a separate body. An NMNH branch was formed in 1992.

Different elements were added to the museum as the years went by. Some of the newer ones are dioramas showing Arctic animal life. There are also dioramas showing the Asian tiger, African Black Panther and animals in the Americas.


The fee is 4.00 BGN for adults. For children below six years of age, it is 1.00 BGN. Students are charged 2.00 BGN. Retirees are charged 2.00 BGN and the disabled have to pay 1.00 BGN.

Other Info

New additions are being placed in the museum. Some of the newer animals you will see are the mastodons, the saber toothed tiger and different types of antelopes. You will also see some of the rarest Birds of Paradise and the Condor of California.

The National Museum of Natural History in Sofia is open from Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. The museum is open daily except on December 25, March 3 and January 1.