Navala Village in Nadi – Fiji

The Navala Village in Nadi is one of the most frequently visited sites in Fiji. What makes the place unique is that it has remained untouched by technological advancements.

Location and How to Get to This Specific Site

The village is located in the Nausori Highlands. This is at Viti Levu in the north central area. If you are at the highlands, it is just a 50 minute drive away.

What to See There

The place is noted for the thatched edifices. There are more than 200 of these. These are just some of the few remaining settlements that have not been changed architecturally. The houses are called bures. Their roofs are t

hatched while the walls are woven by bamboos.

The bures are mostly designed the same way. However, the major ones have more elaborate rooftops. You will see them arranged along a line by the village green. At the Ba River’s lower slopes are the clusters of bures ar

ranged randomly.


The homes in the Navala Village in

Nadi have never departed from the traditional construction methods. During the 1950s, they were offered by the government the option to build modern homes. This was rejected by the community.

Instead, the community decided to teach children how to make bure in school. That is how the tradition was kept alive. The only cemented structures in the area are generator huts, the school and the church. Minus these few exceptions, everything is constructed in the traditional manner.


The village entry fee is 20 Fiji Dollars. The payment is used for the village upkeep. If your trip to Fiji is courtesy of a tour operator, the fee will be included in the payment.

Other Info

For first time visitors, make it a point to introduce yourself to the first individual you see by the roadside. You will be escorted to the headman. You will pay the fee there. Afterwards you can stroll around.

All around the village are mountains covered by grass. These are filled with several caves. During times of war, the people would seek shelter there.

The toilet and kitchens are located in the back at separate buildings. When you get to the village, a welcome ceremony will be prepared. Make sure to partake of the Fijian drink made from Yqona tree roots.

The journey to Navala Village in Nadi takes place along dirt roads. However, the trip is enjoyable as you will get to savor the scenery.