Navua River in Viti Levu – Fiji

Navua River in Viti Levu is one of the most interesting sights in Fiji. The island is known for its many attractions, and this river is definitely one of them.


The river is situated around the remote highlands of the island. The Mount Gordon south east slope is the source of the river. The island is accessible by plane.

What to See

The river is well known for its lush scenery. The point where the river flows is a rugged terrain and surrounded by mountains. The upper portion of the river cuts deeply into the interior of the island. The river is surrounded by a rainforest. The lush surroundings are matched only by the numerous waterfalls around the area.

Not far from the river are some rapids. Aside from enjoying the scene, visitors can also take pictures of the place. The views in many of the areas are simply breathtaking.

There are many ways to explore the river, but the most popular way is via inflatable rafts. Aboard these, visitors can take in the lovely scenery and rugged terrain. During the trip to the Navua River in Viti Levu, canyons stretching for kilometers can be seen. These are among the most impressive sights on the island.


During the late 19th century, a sugar mill was constructed on the river banks. The mill was eventually shut down in 1923. However, a town bearing the name of the river came into being. Nature has done a remarkable job around the river. There are about 70 waterfalls surrounding it.

Black volcanic walls abound. Many are 40 meters high and spaced less than 5 meters from each other. Unlike other islands, the place has hardly been affected by the activities of man. It has remained virtually untouched by the progress of civilization.


Taxi fares start around F$1-2 and go up from there. Bike rental rates are around F$25. The rate for ferries will start at F$65 for inter island tours.

Other Info

Visitors to the island have plenty to choose from when it comes to accommodations. The rates can start at 15 100 USD. But there also some economy packages now available. Some rates can be as low as 75 USD. Luxury hotels will cost more though.

The Navua River in Viti Levu is just one of the highlights on the island. Fiji is also a good place to go whitewater rafting and kayaking.