New Jerusalem Theater in Brejo de Madre de Deus City – Brazil

The New Jerusalem Theater is one of the most interesting tourist destinations in Brazil. Since it was established, it has become a favorite destination of both local and foreign visitors in the country.


The theater can be found in the city of Brejo da Madre de Deus. This is at the Fazenda Nova district. It is situated about 180 km from Recife.

What to See

The biggest attraction here is the performance of the Passion of Christ held every Easter. Every night beginning at 6:00 pm, crowds would retrace Jesus footsteps. There are over 60 major actors as well as over 500 back actors.

The performance is complemented by high technical infrastructure. There are elaborate costumes, lights, special effects, pyrotechnics and digital sound.

The scenes enacted include the temptation in the desert and Sermon on the Mount. The scenes at the Jerusalem Temple and the Last Supper are part of stage / scene 3. Stage 4 features the agony in the garden and Jesus arrest.

Stage 5 depicts the scourging of Christ. Stage 7 is the meeting with Mary, while stage 8 is the Cavalry. Stge 9 of the New Jerusalem Theater play is the burial and the resurrection.


It was in 1951 when Epaminondas Mendonca came up with the idea of depicting the scenes from the life, death and resurrection of Jesus in the Fazenda Nova parish. In 1958, Plinio Pacheco, Epaminodas’ son in law, became the director of the local theater. It was his idea to build the present day theater. The theater was to be a mini replica of Jerusalem. Building was finished in 1965.

Since the performances began, the number of people watching have increased. A record of 72,000 people went to the site in 2008. The play uses 860 lights throughout the show.


A trip to Brazil will cost at least 1200 USD, but in some cases it may be up to 3,000 USD. If you plan to stay in Brazil for a while, cost will be higher. The costs for the tours, hotel, food etc will probably come up to 10,000 USD more or less.

Other Info

Many theaters present the Passion of the Christ, but this is the biggest open theater on the planet. The performance takes place in an area 100000 m2 (1.1 million ft2). The site is surrounded by 70 towers and 3,500 walls.

Aside from the performance in the New Jerusalem Theater, there are several fascinating structures. Some of them are the Statue of Pinio Pacheco and the Roman Forum.