Ngatpang Waterfall in Koror – Palau

It is a dream come true to get near the Ngatpang Waterfall in Koror, Palau. The hike is not easy but the site is heavenly you would forget all the hardships you went through.

Location and How to Get There

Ngatpang Waterfall is not very easy to find. Some tourists even come across this precious tourist spot by accident. However, the trip is obviously worth it, what with a heavenly feeling that you will get upon dipping under the falls and enjoying the cool shower this stunning beauty offers.

Ngatpang Waterfall is located about five miles north of Koror. Getting there is all about driving or hiring a taxi or a private car towards Babeldaob. There, you will have to look for a primitive-looking jungle, which your tour guide will easily be able to point out. Upon reaching the jungle, the trip will involve some challenging hike. Make sure to pack lightly, just water and some snacks, and wear your most comfortable pair of hiking shoes. Oh, don’t forget a small pack of insect repellant and of course, your camera.

Ngatpang Waterfall is significantly a short hike but it usually takes time to get there because of the challenges that the trail proposes. On a good day, you can get there after a 20-minute hike. Just be warned that there are no rail guards on the trail and the hike can be slippery at times, especially when the grounds are wet.

What to See There

Ngatpang Waterfall is one of the renowned ‘heavenly waterfalls’ that can be found in Palau. The scenic sight is enough to relive you of all the stress that you acquire upon hiking. But that’s not it. You can get a relaxing massage by having a cool shower from the falls. The force of the water falling upon your shoulders is like a welcome respite that will soothe your weary bones as well as your tired soul. It offers a kind of ecstasy that only a nice massage can give.


There is a trail marker at the top of the jungle where the hike starts, which depicts the history of Ngatpang Waterfall.


Traveling to Ngatpang Waterfall involves transport costs as well as the amount you have to pay your tour guide. It is important that you find your way around easily so you would not get caught there when the sun goes down. That’s why it is important that you seek help from a professional guide.

At times, you can include Ngatpang Waterfall in your Palau itinerary. That way, you will be able to save on some costs because a bundled package is often more reasonably priced.

Other Info

It is not only the hike that is difficult to get to Ngatpang Waterfall but also the drive. This northern part of Koror involves some dirt road.