Niafounke – Mali

Niafunke in Mali is best known as the home of bluesman Ali Farka Toure. However, there are other attractions you can see in town.

Location and How to Get to This Specific Site

The town is located in the north central region of Mali. It is in the Tombouctou Region. You can get there from Timbuktu via a bus or car.

What to See There

The home of Ali Farka Toure is the town’s major tourist attraction. His old home has been converted into a hotel. It has a small bar serving numerous drinks. Visitors can cool themselves there and get up close with the Toure.

Some of the marshes in and around the area are Danga (34.1 km), Danerou (28.4 km), Noukou (26.1 km) and Ankou Guinde (26 km). Not far off is the town of Gargando. It is home to the Touareg people. Its population as of 2009 was 7,950.


The Niafunke Cercle is now the center for administration in Tombouctou. A 2009 census put the population at 184,285. It has a total area of 12,000 km2 (4,633.2 sq mi). The density is 15.4/ km2 (39.8/sq mi).

The Niafunke in Mali cercle is separated into several communities. These are Soumpi, Soboundou, N’Gorkou Lere, Koumaira, Fittouga, Dianke and Banikane Narhawa.

Some of the more noteworthy lakes are Arkaou (35.2 km), Tagadji (25 km) and Koboro (12 km). Visitors to the country may also visit the 25 km Agadey plateau. The 5.6 km Tomi stream is also close by. There are many other natural attractions in and around town. A stroll around the site will reveal them.


The daily travel cost will depend on several factors. On the average, the expenses are 15,381.24 CFA a day. This is the cost for a single traveler daily. The food cost usually comes up to 7,145.83 CFA.

Water costs 3,942.32 CFA. Transport costs come to about 710.53 CFA. Living expenses in the town cost 370.00 CFA daily. A cruise will come up to 20,000 CFA.

Other Info

There are several forest reserves in and around the area. These include Foret Classee de Niafounke-Ouest (2.8 km), Foret Classee de Niafounke-Sud (4 km) and Niafounke-Nord (8.8 km). The other reserves include Foret Classee de Gonbatou (17.6 km), Sinngo, Tioli, Koumaira and Ama Koyra.

Niafunke in Mali usually isn’t the place people think of when they go to Africa. But the area has some very interesting landmarks and nature spots.