Nile Cruises in Egypt

Nile cruises in Egypt offer the tourist an opportunity to see the country in a way that bus or plane rides cannot provide. For many, there is nothing quite like sipping your favorite drink on a ship and watching Egyptian culture roll by.

How to Get There

The easiest way is to book online. There are many, many services available. The site setup varies, but most of them will offer precise information.

First thing you should do is set a budget. There are budget, moderate and luxury cruises. Choose the one that matches your

Next, check the rates. This will vary depending on the season. Travelling during the off season is cheaper. The most expensive time is during the holidays, Christmas and Easter. You also have to assess its specific features.

Would you like a balcony? Are there lower deck cabins? Are meals included in the fee? Once you have picked the cruise service, use the contact information provided online to finalize your booking.

What to See

This will depend on the type of cruise you are on. The standard cruise lasts for 3 to 4 nights. The longer ones go on for a week or more. The short cruises run from Aswan and Luxor. The extended ones go up to Dendera. These services have day tours. They also offer tours to other tourist spots besides the standard ones.

If you take one of the 14 day Nile cruises in Egypt, you spend several days in and around Cairo. You will see the pyramids in Giza and visit the Cairo museum. You will also get to see the Valley of the Kings and the antiquities at Abu Simbel.


Cruises have been around Egypt for a long time. The different is that the cruisers today are more sophisticated. These are sometimes called floating hotels for good reasons.

Quality cruisers offer swimming pools, tubs, gyms, nightclubs, libraries, stores and eateries. The amenities and luxuries will depend on how much you are willing to spend.


A decent cruise will cost about $55 a night. The luxury types will cost at least $300. If you travel during Easter or Christmas, expect the prices to go up by as much as 50%. The rates may change if a child shares a room with the adult.

Before you take one of these Nile cruises in Egypt, you should fill in the online form and submit it. To avoid problems, confirm your booking by contacting the cruise provider.