Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden in Chonburi – Thailand

The Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden is one of the major tourist destinations in Thailand. It has several features that raise it head and shoulders above other botanical gardens.


The garden can be found at Sukhumvit Road in Chonburi Province.

What to See

There are several gardens including the Butterfly Garden, Ant Tower, the Variegated Plants and the French Garden. There are several plants and flowers in the garden. There are cactus (Lobivia, Echinopsis, Echinocactus grusonii) and cycads.

The cycad species are mainly from Central Africa, tropical America and Southeast Asia. Other plant groups in the Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden are the Plumeria, Passiflora, Marantaceae and Bromeliads. There are also Hoya, Bougainvillea, Alpinia and Torch Ginger.

Other notable plant groups are Ginger, Heliconia, Pachypodium, Madagascar Euphorbia and Blue Agave. There are also Rhapis Palms.
Part of the attraction is the elephant show. You will also get to take their photos as well as feed the animals like the tigers. There are also goats, deer, donkeys, sheep and wild boars.

As you walk, you will get to see the numerous flowers and palm trees. You can ride in the park’s bus and take pictures of the scene. One of the most popular activities is taking photos of the flowers in the garden. It is also a great place to get in touch with the many locals that are in the garden.


Pisit and Nongnooch Tansacha bought the 2.4 km2 (600 acres) land in 1954. Their initial objective was to use the land for fruit plantation.

But the owners had a change of heart and opted to cultivate tropical flowers instead. It would also become a wildlife conservation project. The park was publicly opened in 1980. In 2001, management of the site was given to Kampon Tansacha, Nongnooch’s son.


The entrance fee is 400 Bath for adults. The cost is lower for children. This is equal to about 13 USD. There is a small fee for riding the elephants. There is also a small fee (2 USD) for taking the bus tour in the park. The food in the restaurants cost around 2 to 3 USD.

Other Info

The garden also has different wildlife species you can examine. There are also martial arts demonstrations.

If you get hungry, the Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden has a couple of restaurants you can try. There is also a zoo and a hotel. The hotel has a swimming pool as well.