Northern Mountains – Madagascar

Madagascar is a stunning mountainous region. The Northern Mountains are good reasons behind that.

Location and How to Get There

The Northern Mountains are, basically, located in the northern part of this African country. The main attraction is the Amber Mountain rainforest but there are many other attractions that you can find in this side.

Getting there is easy because the private transfers of most travel agencies are quite efficient. Although going through the public route is not bad, availing of a private transfer is ideal because it gives you convenience and comfort like no other.

What to See There

There are lots of treasures of nature that can be found in the Northern Mountains. Aside from the greenery, there are a lot of animal species that call the mountains their home. Lemurs, chameleons, boas, and geckos are all over.

The most popular point of adventure in the northern side of Madagascar is the Amber Mountain National Park. With its crater-lakes, rich flora and fauna, thick wet forest, and exuberant vegetation, you will not get short of things to do and see.

Amber Mountain National Park is located about 40 kilometers from Diego Suarez. Although it is quite a long drive, the travel is worthwhile what with the kind of natural charm that lies within its boundaries. What’s more, even when the weather in Diego is humid and dry, you will always enjoy a cool mist while you are in Amber Mountain National Park. The fresh feel of mist hanging over the trees is an amazing experience.

If you want to experience the rural lifestyle, you may take an accommodation nearby, at Joffreville. This village will give you a better glimpse of the local’s way of life.


The Northern Mountains in Madagascar are natural attractions that were highlighted as major tourism points.


Entering the national parks that abound the mouintains, especially the Amber Mountain National Park may require a minimal fee. But the fee is nothing compared to all the good things you are about to enjoy upon entering the parks.

Other Info

Rock climbing is a popular activity in the Northern Mountains. Most travel packages include a rock climbing activity. Not surprisingly, you would not get short of an opportunity to enjoy rock climbing anywhere in the northern side of Madagascar. The country has very amazing cliffs that you would love to explore and have an adventure on.

In some cases, you will also experience untouched nature. This is one opportunity that you should not miss because it is an opportunity of a lifetime.