Novi Beograd in Belgrade – Serbia

The tourist attractions in Novi Beograd are helping make Serbia one of the hottest new travel destinations in Europe. Just like the rest of Eastern Europe, the country is gaining worldwide attention.


This municipality is located in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. You can reach the place by taxi or bus.

What to See

There are several places of interest here. Two of the most visited are the Sajmiste Concentration Camp and the Usce tower. The Museum of Contemporary Art is another popular destination.

Tourists can also visit the national bank building. Inside is a museum. Visitors can see the money that was utilized in the country before. There are also historical coins being displayed. The most ancient are 4th century Greek coins. This is one of the top tourist attractions in Novi Beograd today. This museum is open from 10 am until 4 pm.


The site is a pre-planned city which was constructed in 1947. It was founded on the Sva River left bank. The succeeding years saw it become Belgrade’s financial center. The name means “New Belgrade”. It is currently the most populated municipality in the area.

Based on historical records, the earliest mention of the area that is now New Belgrade is the 18th century. Back then it was occupied by Turkish forces. A 1713 book called the Krusevski pomenik mentions its existence. While the book is from the early 1700s, it states clearly the town was already in existence as far back as 1512. The book also states the town had 32 villages. By 1810, this number had grown to 115.


Entrance to the museum in the national bank is free. Serbian tours cost about 300 Euros. if you are going to fly in from the States, the fares will be around 1000 USD more or less.

Other Info

The Monument to the Unknown Hero is situated at the top of Mt. Avala. This was designed by the sculptor Ivan Mestrovic. This memorial was established at the site of the Zrnov fortress. This was ordered built by King Alexander I of Yugoslavia in honor of those who died in World War I. The monument is marked by the dates 1912-1918.

Another one of the tourist attractions in Novi Beograd is an old fortification. From the fortress, you can enjoy a great vista of the river. The best time to savor the view is dawn or the late afternoon.