Nsumbu National Park in Northern Province – Zambia

The Nsumbu National Park is one of the most exciting destinations in Zambia. Its wildlife and beautiful scenery have kept locals and tourists coming back for more.


The park can be found at the Lake Tanganyika western shore. This is at its south extremity. This is in the northern province of the country.

What to See

There are many animals in the park. The crocodile, reedbuck, waterbuck, impala, and several are some of the most common animals you will see. Visitors to the park will also see the side-striped jackal, the spotted hyena and the zebra.

The Nsumbu National Park is also home to the buffalo, hartebeest, eland, sable and roan antelope. The bushbuck, hippopotamus and alligators are also in abundance. If you are lucky, you will see some lions, elephants and leopards. On rare occasions you will see the sitatunga and the blue duiker.

The park also has many kinds of fish. On occasion you will come across the golden perch. More common are the yellow belly or “nkupi”, lake salmon, vundu catfish, goliath tigerfish and the Nile perch. The park also has sports fishing.

The landscape itself is noteworthy with its sandy beaches and rock cliffs. There are also clear waters and mountain lakes. There are also plenty of trails and walks available. You can also take part in boating safaris.


Before the 1960s, the Kasaba Bay Lodge at the park was open only to the foreigners and the opulent. In the 1970s, the park opened up. The improved infrastructure made it easier to access the park.

By the 1970s, the park was considered one of the very best in Zambia. During the 1980s and 1990s, the game numbers dropped significantly. This was due to mismanagement and problems with the domestic airlines.

However, the government has taken steps to rehabilitate the park. The refurbishing of the site was undertaken a few years ago. Today, the animals in the park have increased in number. The roads to the place have also been improved significantly.


The entrance fee is 10 USD.

Other Info

The park is also home to many kinds of birds. These include the fish eagle, whiskered tern, the white-winged black tern and the lesser black-backed gull. You may also see the grey-headed gull, some herons, ducks and storks.

The Nsumbu National Park is also home to the whiskered tern, the spoonbill and the African skimmer. The flamingo, Pel’s fishing owl and the palmnut vulture are also seen on occasion.