Oases – Libya

A trip to the Libyan oases can be an exciting adventure. There are more than quite a few of these in the Libyan Desert, so it can be quite an exhilarating journey.

How to Get There

The Al-Jaghbub oasis is at the Al Butnan District. While it is Libyan territory, the closest town is Siwa in Egypt. Kufra (also spelled Koufra and Cufra) can be found in southeastern Libya. It can be reached by going to the Al Kufrah District. The oasis is around the center of the Sahara Desert. There are depressions all around it.

The Siwa Oasis is Egyptian territory. But it is about 50 km east of Libya’s border. Due to the remoteness of the location, a 4WD or a similar vehicle is required for a trip to the Libyan oases.

What to See

The Al-Jaghbub is noted for some of the plants that flourish in the area. Some of the plants there can go without water for a year. It is also known for the town of Siwa, which has a reservoir of underground water. The Siwa oasis is noted for its solitary settlement. There are only about 20,000 Berbers there. The Kufra oasis is best known for the role it played during World War I.

History and Origin

An oasis is an area in the desert where plants and water can be found. It is created when a body of water is caught between rock layers at the floor of the desert. Some oases are small. But others are large enough for cultivating crops. That is how people survive in the desert. While deserts can get very hot in the day, the temperature can drop steeply in the nighttime.


Starting price of 4WD rentals is $17. The price may go up depending on the length of the trip and the duration. If you are on an organized tour, rentals wills not be necessary. The tour organizer will provide it for you. It will cost more though because of the additional amenities.

Most of these package tours will also include stopovers at some of the towns near the deserts. The more expansive Libyan travel tours will also take you to other tourist sites besides the desert.

A trip to the Libyan oases is very thrilling. But you need to be physically prepared for the journey. The desert can get very hot. Be certain all the necessary supplies are with you during the trip.