Oguta Lake Holiday Complex in Imo State – Nigeria

The Oguta Lake Holiday Complex is one of the foremost attractions in Nigeria. Aside from the lake, it also offers a host of other attractions.

How to Get There

The complex is about 38 km from Owerri, in Nigeria. The area is well known. If you are in Owerri, Imo State, a cab ride will be able to take you there. Many travel agencies also offer services that will take you directly to the area.

What to See

The lake is of course the biggest attraction. This freshwater lake is the second largest in the Nigeria. Majority of the recreational services there are water based. However, the place has many other features and amenities.

There is a full sized, 18 hole golf course in the complex. History buffs will also appreciate the mini bunker war relic. This was constructed by the Biafran Navy. There are other attractions in the complex, including the confluence of the Urashi River and the Oguta Lake.

For rest and relaxation, there is the Club Bar House/Oguta Lake Motel. It is also a place for lodging. There is also a children’s recreational park in the area. The Oguta Lake

Holiday Complex also has a cruise boat services.


The lake has been in existence for thousands of years, but has undergone changes throughout its history. In terms of size, it is the biggest in the Imo State. Situated inside a rainforest section, it is vital to the people living in Awo, Nkwesi, Orsu and Oguta. Not only does it provide water; there are also plenty of fish in it. The beauty of the lake has turned into a tourist attraction too.

According to local mythology, the goddess Uhamiri is the guardian of the lake. From 1967-1970 during the Biafran War, the lake became the Biafran army’s headquarters.

Other Information

The rainfall in the area is about 3100 mm yearly. The area is noted for the assorted phytoplankton community. Scientists estimate that there are over 250 species.

These are divided into over 100 genera. The primary productivity level is 160-279 mg C m-3 day-1. The fish production is 12.5 tons every year. Based on studies, over 2,000 people fish in the area.


The cost will depend on what amenities of the Oguta Lake Holiday Complex you avail of. For the plane trip, lodging and miscellaneous fees alone, at least $3,500 will be necessary. The duration of your stay in the complex will also affect the overall cost.