Orchid World in St. George – Barbados

Among the top attractions in the island is Orchid World in St. George – Barbados. This botanical garden is a favorite venue for weddings and many other special occasions because of the beauty and serenity provided by thousands upon thousands of many different orchids and plants.


Orchid World in St. George – Barbados is located at Groves, St. George, Barbados along Highway 3B. If you happen to be visiting Gun Hill or St. John’s, this botanical garden is hard to miss as it lies between these two locations.

Getting There

The most convenient way for you to reach Orchid World in St. George – Barbados is through a taxi ride or driving your own car. While tours are available, these give you a limited time to explore the entirety of the garden so it’s best to visit with your own group.

On the other hand, you can also take a bus ride going to Orchid World. Barbados has a reliable bus system so you won’t have a problem reaching your destination quite comfortably and a lot cheaper, too.

There are signs on the buses for their specific destination so you can easily spot the right bus to take or you can also simply ask around for the right bus that will take you to Orchid World in St. George – Barbados.

What to See

Orchid World is home to some twenty thousand varieties of orchids. Of particular interest are the “rainforest orchids” on display here as they are planted in a simulated environment suitable for them.

This means that you will be walking through a simulated rainforest to see orchids such as Ascocendas and also Vandas which are known to grow and thrive in a rainforest environment.

When you step inside the gardens, you will instantly breathe in the sweet smell of these exotic flowers.

If you happen to feel the need to rest for awhile, there are several benches spread out all over the garden where you can sit and simply take in the beauty of your surroundings.

For refreshments, there is a bar and restaurant within the botanical gardens; while for souvenirs, there is a gift shop also located within the perimeters of Orchid World in St. George – Barbados.

Brief History

Orchid World in St. George – Barbados opened to the public on the 5th of December in the year 1998. This 6-acre lot was formerly a chicken farm until the land was purchased in 1997 by a group of people who later on became shareholders of the property.

This same group already had under their belt the famous Flower Forest which is close to what is now known as Orchid World. Wanting to diversify, they decided to open a botanical garden dedicated to a wide variety of orchid species as well as many other plants.

From a simple chicken farm, the place has since evolved into one of the many popular attractions in the island, the Orchid World.


The cost to enter the gardens is US$10.00 per person. For kids, the cost is half the price.

For transportation, taxis cost about US$30.00 for one hour while buses are at BD$1.50, regardless of the distance.

Other Information

Orchid World in St. George – Barbados is open daily, from 9 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon, except on Good Friday and Christmas Day.