Orkhon Khurkhree – Mongolia

If you are looking for some nice sight and you happen to be in Mongolia, there’s one place you should not miss – the Orkhon Khurkhree.

Location and How to Get There

Orkhon Khurkhree is one of the many interesting landscapes that can be found in Khangai Mountains. It is on the eastern foothills of the mountains, located in central Mongolia.

Getting to Orkhon Khurkhree is not a problem because the country has a very efficient public transport. To get around, you can hire a private or commercial taxi, rent a car, or ride the subway or bus. If you want some interesting experience and you are traveling a short distance to Orkhon Khurkhree, you may choose to ride either a horse, a camel, or a yak.

What to See There

Orkhon Khurkhree speaks of stunning beauty. The sight is truly spectacular. The magnificent waterfall cascades to a pool about 80 feet. It is also a nice place to catch a glimpse of nomad and their yaks as well as some farm animals like sheep, goats, and horses. The Orkhon valley, which is quite a stone throw away from the waterfall, is a nice side trip that will give your adventure a boost.

The water that flows onto the Orkhon Khurkhree is from the river of Ulaan Gol. It is cold, very clear, and is suitable for bathing. Just make sure that you act modest if you like a dip into the Orkhon river, especially before a native audience. Locals do not swim, believing into the legend that the pool under the falls is “bottomless”.

Aside from sightseeing and swimming, Orkhon Khurkhree is also worth a fishing trip. There are many fishes swimming onto its fantastic waters. If you are lucky, you may even catch eels that are over one meter in length.


Orkhon Khurkhree was a product of a unique combination of earthquakes and volcanic eruption. It was believed to have formed some 20,000 years ago.


There is no word about how much you will need to travel to Orkhon Khurkhree. In some Mongolian travel packages, a trip to the waterfall is included. That’s inclusive of transport to-and-from. This is quite economical considering that there are lots of other Mongolian destinations in the itinerary.

Other Info

The Orkhon Khurkhree offers the most amazing view after a rainfall. However, for safe travel, it is advisable that you make the visit during the dry season. It makes the site a lot more accessible when the weather is dry.