Padjelanta National Park in Norbotten County – Sweden

With an area spanning 1,984 sq km, Padjelanta National Park is the biggest in Sweden. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Location and How to Get to This Specific Site

The park is 25 km northwest of Kvikkjokk. This is in Norbotten County to the north of the Sweden. The quickest way to get there is by helicopter. From Kvikkjokk to Staloluokta the fare is 850 SEK. For kids below 12 years of age, the charge is 600 SEK. You can also reach the park by boat. The charge is 100 SEK.

What to See There

Padjelanta National Park is known for the Padjelantaleden trail that goes between Kvikkjokk and Anonjalme or Vaisaluokta. This stretches to 160 km. It takes a day to go through it. But there are helicopter tours available for Ritsem, Staloluokta and Kvikkjokk. Also popular is the Nordkalottruta hiking trail going through the site.

Besides the hiking trails, the park is known for its flora, which is extremely diverse. Scientists estimate there are 400 unique plant types in the area. The fauna are equally rich.

As you go hiking, the rivers going through the valley becomes visible. There are also mini waterfalls. There are also places where you can stay overnight.


The park was founded in 1963. It was a year after the Swedish government agreed to the proposal to create the park. Its position is such that Lakes Virihavrre and Vastenjavrre comprise it. Lake Virihavrre is frequently called “Sweden’s most beautiful lake.”

The landscape is even and open. There are a few peaks and several rolling hills. Virtually the entire park is set over the tree line.


There are no entry fees to the park. The fees apply only to the helicopter tours and the transportation.

Other Info

The luggage limit for most helicopter tours is 20 kg. For children 12 years and below, it is 10 kg. Adding extra luggage will bring forth more charges. The helicopters and boats also have timetables to follow.

For those going on the boat, remember that it won’t leave until everyone is onboard. If you are visiting for the first time, use the map provided by the park. It can be very helpful.

The Padjelanta National Park allows you to take pictures of the site. For new hikers, remember that there are huts along the trails. These include Sammarlappa (13 km), Tarrekaise (7 km) and Nunjes (13 km).