Palacio Salvo in Montevideo – Uruguay

Palacio Salvo in Montevideo – Uruguay is a famous landmark in the capital city, standing one hundred meters tall. Going down to the city centre of Montevideo, Palacio Salvo will be hard to miss.


Palacio Salvo in Montevideo – Uruguay is located at 18 de Julio Avenue right next to Plaza Independencia.

Getting There

You can easily reach Palacio Salvo in Montevideo – Uruguay via public transports available in the city.

Local buses can be found at the terminal within the city centre and you will find that the locals are more than happy to direct you to the right bus route that will take you to the palace.

Taxis are also plentiful here and they are relatively cheap; around ninety-five Uruguayan pesos for a short ride.

You can also reach the palace via a bike rental.

What to See

When visiting Palacio Salvo in Montevideo – Uruguay, you will be amazed by the magnificent structure itself. Designed after the Neo-Gothic architectural pattern, the façade is made of limestone materials.

There is not much to see inside as the building is now home to a few business offices as well as residential dwellings. You can however go up the tower which is free of charge to give you a magnificent view of the city below.

Brief History

The Palacio Salvo in Montevideo – Uruguay was completed in the year 1925. The palace was designed by Mario Palanti, the same architect who designed the Palacio Barolo found in Argentina, particularly in Buenos Aires.

Although the structure was first considered to be built to serve as a hotel, complete with function rooms and a few residential rooms; its original purpose for being constructed never materialized.

Instead, it became the site for offices and also for a number of residential units.

The tower still dominates the city’s skyline and provides an excellent vista of the city.


Visiting the Palacio Salvo in Montevideo – Uruguay is free. Bike rentals, if you wish to explore the city via a bike ride, are usually around twenty Uruguayan pesos per hour.

Budget accommodations on the other hand, range from 200 up to 260 Uruguayan pesos per room, per night.

Taxis are around ninety-five Uruguayan pesos for short rides.

Other Information

When dining out, try chivito, a local sandwich made with assorted vegetables and meat. El mate on the other hand is the local drink here, made from yerba herb; you can take it with or without sugar.

There are several restaurants and cafes around town offering the best of Uruguayan cuisine including some of their best meat dishes.