Palazzo Pubblico – San Marino

Palazzo Pubblico – San Marino is a government building in the town of San Marino that also serves as its Town Hall. It hosts State ceremonies and is the official seat of institutional and administrative governing bodies of the Republic of San Marino.


Palazzo Pubblico – San Marino is located at Piazza della Libertá, San Marino City.

Getting There

To get to San Marino, you can fly in via the Federico Fellini International Airport which is approximately 16 kilometers off San Marino City where the Palazzo Pubblico is located.

From the airport, you can catch a bus going to San Marino. Once you reach the city, you can easily explore the sights on foot as it is a relatively small town.

What to See

The façade of Palazzo Pubblico – San Marino displays Coats of Arms of some prominent Italian families as well as Coats of Arms of depicting the Republic of San Marino’s old countryside.

You can also find here a small bronze statue of Founder Saint Marino which was made in the year 1894, a mosaic of Saint Leo, Saint Quirino and Saint Agata; and a marble bust of Frencesco Azzurri, the Roman architect who designed Palazzo Pubblico – San Marino.

Inside the Palazzo, you can see a grand staircase that leads to the mezzanine and to the other floors. Once you reach the mezzanine, you can see “Alberoni’s Tablet,” a painting based on the sketches of Frencesco Azzurri that depicts San Marino’s freedom from foreign occupation.

When you go up to the Hall of the Council of the XII, you can see a magnificent painting of Saint Marino where he is depicted as blessing the town as he holds it in his hand.

Brief History

The site upon which Palazzo Pubblico – San Marino now stands was once the location of Domus Magnas Comunis, an old building believed to have been constructed during the latter parts of the fourteenth century.

Due to the poor condition of the old building, having undergone several restorations to no avail, it was finally demolished and in its place now stands the Palazzo Pubblico.

The Palazzo was constructed some time between the years 1884 and 189 by Frencesco Azzurri taking after the simple design patterns of thirteenth and fourteenth century buildings around Italy.

The Palazzo underwent major renovations because of safety concerns and was once again opened on the 30th of September in 1996.


The cost to enter the Palazzo Pubblico – San Marino is €3.00 per person. For groups consisting of twenty-five people and up, entry fee is €1.50 per person. There are likewise packaged tickets where you can get discounts.

For instance, to enter both the Palazzo and the State Museum, instead of paying the total of €6.00; you only pay €4.50; while entry to both the Palazzo and St. Francis Museum is only €3.00.

Other Information

Palazzo Pubblico – San Marino is open daily except on December 25, January 1 and the afternoon of November 2.

From March 20 to September 20, it is open from 8 in the morning up to 8 in the evening. From September 21 to March 19, the Palazzo is open from 8:50 in the morning up to 5 in the afternoon.