Palm Tree Promenade in Larnaca – Cyprus

Palm Tree Promenade in Larnaca – Cyprus is named as such because of the numerous palm trees that line the streets flanking the promenade. It is a major destination for both locals and tourists here.


The Palm Tree Promenade in Larnaca – Cyprus is located along the seafront in the old part of the town, along Athens Avenue.

Getting There

You can fly in to Larnaca via the Larnaca International Airport, a major airport in the country, about six kilometers off the western part of the city centre. From the airport, you can simply take a taxi to reach going to Palm Tree Promenade in Larnaca – Cyprus.

There are also buses available from the airport.

Being a relatively small town, you can also easily reach the promenade on foot. As a matter of fact, walking around town particularly around the area of the promenade is the preferred means of exploring Larnaca by most locals and tourists.

What to See and Do

While visiting Palm Tree Promenade in Larnaca – Cyprus, there is plenty for you to see and do. Firstly, you can enjoy the waters of the beach which are safe for both kids and adults.

Next, you can sit by one of the cafes or restaurants lining the promenade to watch the waves – a relaxing activity that can soothe the senses.

As the promenade is a major venue for musical events in town, you might just witness one of these during your holiday in Larnaca.

Around town, one of the most prominent religious landmarks is the Church of St. Lazarus, built back in the ninth century. It is said that the church was built around what was believed to be the tomb of Jesus’ friend Lazarus who was raised from the dead.

Diving is also one of the activities that you can do after you’ve had your fill of the Palm Tree Promenade in Larnaca – Cyprus. The wreck of a ferry that sunk some time in the 1980s is of particular interest to divers.

Brief History: About Larnaca

The town of Larnaca was said to have been established by the Greeks during the fourteenth century B.C. It was formerly known as Kition. The town is an important port in the country and as such, its name colloquially translates to “landing area.”

Larnaca is considered as one of the oldest towns in the country, as traces of its first inhabitants date as far back as six thousand years ago.


If you are going for a dive in Larnaca, dive fees generally start around ?18 per dive.

For dining out, you can get a good meal for around ?5 up to ?10.

Accommodations around Palm Tree Promenade in Larnaca – Cyprus on the other hand, range from ?19 up to ?119 per room, per night depending on your chosen hotel or type of accommodation.

Other Information

There are many festivals that take place in Larnaca. The month of May is especially interesting as this is the month where two important celebrations are held: the Flower Festival held every first of May and the Flood Festival which celebrates the day of the Holy Spirit.