Panama City – Panama

A cultural melting pot, a trip to Panama City gives you the opportunity to mingle with different people. Majority of the people speak Spanish, but many know English as well.

How to Get There

American Airlines, Avianca, Delta, TACA are some of the airlines that offer direct flights to the city. Majority of European, Central and South American airlines also service the city. There are also numerous domestic flights to and from the area.

The only railway service is between Colon and Panama City. A ride on the train provides lovely vistas of the famed Panama Canal. You can also get around via the buses. All international buses begin and end at the terminal adjacent to Albrook Airport.

What to See on a Trip to Panama City

First stop would be the Panama Canal. The most cost effective method is to just head to the Miraflores locks. You’ll be able to watch the boats there. You can also take a cab to the site or hire a boat to cross it.

Casco Viejo is a historical site. The Canal Museum is there, as well as numerous cathedrals and government edifices. Also worth checking out are the Amador Causeway and the city ruins.

From the causeway you will get a nice view of the Puente de las Americas. The Mi Pueblitos is a museum that highlights the various Panamanian ethnicities.


Panama was established August 15, 1519. It served as the jump-off point for the conquest of the Inca Empire. During the course of its history, it also served as a major trade route. The pirate Henry Morgan destroyed the city in 1671. It was reconstructed in 1673. The ruins of the old city can be seen at the “Panama Viejo”.


The locks and the museum cost $8 for adults and $5 for students. The locks only would cost $2 for students and $5 for adults. Taxis are not metered. The cost will depend on what part of the city you are emanating from and where you are headed. Fares within a zone cost $1.25. The longest rides will cost $5.

Via Argentina is the place to go for good, cheap food. Many eateries sell sandwiches for $3 to $5. Mid-range restaurants will cost about $13 for a full meal.

You can ride the bus on a trip to Panama City. The starting charge is $0.25. Again, your destination will affect the total amount you have to pay.