Panteon Nacional De Los Heroes in Asunción – Paraguay

Panteon Nacional De Los Heroes is one of the best places to experience the life and culture of Paraguay. The famous plaza is also a nice area for relaxation and leisurely strolling.


The edifice is located at Nuestra Senora de la Asunción at 25 de Mayo, Asuncion, Paraguay. You cannot miss the site once in the city.

What to See

Once you reach the place, go inside. The ceiling and the altar are definitely worth checking out. There is also a store where they sell various relics and items. As the sun rises, the Guarani vendors flock to the plaza. These stalls are open until sundown. Everything
from pottery to headdresses and bows and arrows are for sale.

Various art pieces are also on sale. There are also those peddling souvenir items, tool sharpeners, herbal medicines and many more. There are also many other attractions in the site, so bringing your camera is a good idea. You can also use a videocam.


Part of the Panteon Nacional De Los Heroes is dedicated to the country’s history. To the northeast of the plaza is a monument. This serves as a reminder of the hundreds who were killed under the Stroessner dictatorship. The monument is nothing less than a tribute to those who were killed.


There is no admission fee. The only possible thing you have to pay for is the transportation. Taxi fares to Asuncion will cost 40,000 Gs. If you are getting a ride late (10 pm or later) there is an extra 30% charge. The 30% extra charge is also applicable on Sundays. Tipping is not necessary.

Many drivers use the meter, but some don’t. If the driver does not want to use the meter, look for another taxi or negotiate the fare.

Other Info

The plaza is always lively, but even more so during public holidays and special occasions. Some of the activities include folk dancing. Live music and concerts also take place.

The plaza is a good place to explore the other attractions in the site. These include the National Congress, the National Cathedral and the Municipal Museum. Not too far off from the plaza is the Visual Arts Museum. It showcases modern artworks. Many of their famous national artists have exhibits there.

The Panteon Nacional De Los Heroes is also just across the Lido Bar. The place is known for its traditional Paraguayan food which is worth trying out.