Paracas in Ica Region – Peru

A tour of Paracas in Ica is one of the most exciting adventures you can do when in Peru. While there are several tourist attractions in the country, this remains one of the most interesting.


The reserve is situated at the south coast of Peru. You can reach the site from Lima. The drive will last four hours. You can also get there by flying via Airline LC Bucre. The peninsula is in the Paracas District at the province of Pisco.

What to See

The biggest attraction here is the Candelabra. This is a geoglyph 600 feet high. It is situated at the peninsula ridge on the north. This is also known as the Candelabra of the Andes. Aside from the geoglyph, a tour of Paracas in Ica will show pottery remains. These have been dated back to 200 BC.

The design is sliced a couple of feet at the soil. The figure is so big it is visible 12 miles out in the sea. According to legend, the design is a lightning rod that symbolizes the weapon of the god Viracocha. Other legends claim that the figure is Masonic in origin. Others believe that the symbol was created as a sign for sailors at sea.


There is still a lot that needs to be studied in the site, and not much is known of the culture that lived in it. A shipping port was also constructed at the north end of the peninsula. The site was chosen due to the deeper waters. This permits anchoring of cruise ships.

There is also now a Paracas National Reservation which tourists can visit. Part of the attraction now are the red sand beaches. These are the result of cliff erosion. There is also the Center Museum where numerous ancient artifacts are stored. The museum also has plenty of information about the fauna and flora.


There are many services that offer tours to the site. A backpack service will cost abut 55 USD. The more high end service (with a guide and transport) will cost at least 100 USD.

Other Info

Aside from the giant geoglyph, the peninsula is also known for its many beaches. This has helped make the place very popular among tourists.

If you are going on a tour of Paracas in Ica, make sue the guide is qualified. This ensures you will be able to see the best of what the site has to offer.